It’s official.  Secretary Clinton has signed into law the 2012 Halibut regulations for Area 2C.
Size limit on the halibut retained on board a charter vessel fishing in Regulatory Area 2C of less than 45 inches or greater than 68 inches in length (a “reverse slot limit”) in Section 28.
This provision allows chartered Halibut fishermen in southeast Alaska, Area 2C ( not to be confused with Area 51 where Halibut are being tested as flying machines) to harvest 1 Halibut per day with a size limitation of roughly- any size fish upto approximatley 42 lbs, or, a fish over approx. 165 lbs.
Consequently, guided guests at Wild Alaska can choose between harvesting a really nice eating fish each day or go for a trophy fish.
What I haven’t yet got my head around, is just how Hillary expects my guides, or anyone else’s for that matter, to measure a Halibut in the 68″ class?  -That is without first putting it to sleep…  I guess it’ll put a whole new meaning to “Wild Alaska“.
              Arrrrrgh Capt. Larry