Welcome to Alaska

Welcome to Alaska. 

Both Juneau International and Petersburg Airport are friendly and easy to get around. Many guests plan an early arrival to explore the state’s capital, or experience the hustle and bustle of the small fishing village of Petersburg. 

Travel to the nearby Tongass National Forest or neighboring communities is convenient and rich with history and native art and culture.

When its time to meet the Perseverance our staff will be ready to greet you and assist with your luggage. We will be glad to see you and eager to do everything possible to make your trip comfortable and safe. 

We’ll notify you of our departure time weeks in advance and pick you up at your hotel or the airport. 

Get ready for the adventure of your life!


Juneau is located in the Panhandle of Southeast Alaska.  It is the nation’s only capital not accessible by road, so most travelers arrive by boat or at Juneau International Airport on Alaska Airlines 737 jets.

In 1906, while Juneau was still a U.S. territory, it became the capital.  Now Alaska’s largest city, it boasts 30,000 people and sports a variety of restaurants and hotels.

Juneau’s climate is mild maritime. Summer temperatures range in the 50’s and 60’s and abundant rain  keeps the coastal forests green.

While In Juneau, ride the tram to the summit of Mt. Roberts, hike on the actual glacier at Mendenhall Glacier, see the fish hatchery, or visit the Alaskan Brewing Company, the only brewery in Alaska.

Gaze up at gargantuan cruise ships docked in the center of the city.  Watch them disgorge five thousand of the nearly 1,000,000 passengers that dock there each summer.  Think how smart you are you chose Wild Alaska.



Petersburg, Alaska is a quaint little drinking town with a fishing problem – at least that’s what the t-shirt says.  It is mostly correct as its main source of income is commercial fishing. Petersburg sits on Frederick Sound and in the summer is home to around 3500 people most of them of Scandinavian heritage.

Petersburg is a bustling fishing town, centered around the harbor so most tourists and crew prefer to walk.   There are several small hotels and bed and breakfasts, and a grocery and drug store downtown.  Shops line the main street and restaurants serve Mexican, Asian, pizza and fresh seafood. Sing Lee Alley, an historic street, takes you to the docks and the Perseverance.

The Petersburg airport is small, but Alaska Airlines 737 jets fly in several times a day.  The airport is just a hop, skip and a jump from downtown.  Taxis are plentiful and inexpensive.