About Our Chef’s

Extraordinary. That’s the best word to describe the chef’s who work the galley aboard the Perseverance. Since the inception of Wild Alaska Cruises in 2004, our guests have enjoyed meeting and tasting the creations of our exceptionally talented chefs. Wild Alaska maintains a strict policy of serving our guests the absolute best meals ever prepared at sea. It’s a challenge to rise to that level of service when working under the limitations a ship’s galley can offer. Over the years our guests have come to appreciate the talents of those behind the galley counter.

Chef “Jay” Jason Mason, one of the Pacific Northwest’s most creative and interesting young Chefs. His attention to detail in preparing dishes through focus and appreciation of the luxuriant flavors gleaned from the North Pacific separate him from the rest.

Chef Jeff Martin, a private chef who for years served Hugh Hefner at the “Mansion”.

Chef Stephen Paulsen, a true culinary artist who prepares everything from scratch to grace our tables with cuisine that would impress any palette.

Chef Joshua Young, a giant of a man with an even larger passion for food. “Joshy” as the crew refers to him, has a penchant for protein! A master with all things culinary, let him show his extraordinary skills in preparing the worlds fines and freshest seafood- the fish of Wild Alaska.

These are the best of the best. Join us this summer, meet our chefs for a truly exceptional culinary experience.

What to Expect

Wild Alaskans like to eat! Wild Alaska’s chef starts your day off with a hot breakfast. Smoked salmon crepes, waffles, French toast, omelets, frittatas, eggs and bacon, fruit, oatmeal, reindeer sausage and other hearty choices keep your motor running all day. Freshly ground Alaskan roasted coffee, tea, and juices help get it started.

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Most days,  you’ll be out on the water during lunch and take a sandwich along.  The chef smokes several meats in-house and piles it high with cheeses and spreads on special breads and rolls.  You add fresh fruit, chocolate, chips and assorted treats.  Grab your favorite beverages from the drink refrigerator and you are ready for any adventure.

If you like fish and seafood, you’ll love dinner.

Fresh from local waters, usually caught the same day, we spoil you with delicacies like grilled salmon and halibut, prawns and crab.  Want to try clamming and eat the results?  Our chef will make it happen.  Love sushi and sashimi?  We have the freshest in the world! All you can eat.

Special Needs

If you have special dietary needs, or health concerns, just note them in your guest questionnaire or let us know of your needs.  We are happy to assist with special meals to meet your requirements.  No worries, just ask.