Want to see Alaska up close, and  get a little exercise to work off some of the homemade ice cream or crème brulee?  Hop in one of the sea kayaks. Paddle off to intimate inlets, coves and caves in search of  birds or wildflowers and discover the ultimate peace and quiet.


Wild Alaska also has two, 17 foot North River skiffs with 50hp four stroke engines, and two 13 foot Smoker Craft skiff with 15hp four stroke engines available for use.  They make super platforms for fly casting, jigging or just exploring.  Our skiffs are fully equipped with all USCG safety equipment, and more.

Get out on your own and experience the solitude and peace of southeast Alaska’s inside passage rainforest.  Get up close and personal with the bears, whales, eagles and more.  Glide up to feeding deer or get a “boat wash” under a wilderness waterfall!

Hot Tub

We installed a wonderful new hot tub, way up high, utilizing the best view aboard the Perseverance!  Wow, imagine coming in from a hard day of fishing, arms aching from fighting fish to the warm relaxation of your own private spa tucked away in a scenic fiord or cove!  It simply doesn’t get any better than that.  Peace, quiet and soothing hot water………oh baby!   You have arrived in Wild Alaska.


Crabbing, Shrimping and Clamming

Searching  for Dungeness crab and Alaska spot prawns can be rewarding and exciting.  You never know what you’ll pull up in one of thepots.  A giant octopus?Squid?Maybe a hermit crab, a piece of coral, or a starfish. Wild Alaska loves to show you how to catch it and how to eat it.   Enjoy an evening or two with the crew and harvest some of Alaska’s natural bounty.