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Wild Alaska Cruises and Sport Fishing

More ways to experience Seasons on the Fly and Wild Alaska.
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Seasons On The Fly
Excited to announce that the Seasons On The Fly Experience now continues on AppleTV and Roku ! Download your apps !! Weekly videos will begin here today reliving some of the great fish caught over the years - Enjoy! #appletv #roku #nature #photooftheday #seasonsonthefly #builtforthewild #flyfishing #fishing #tv @yeti @looparmy @scientificanglers @gb_flies @douglasoutdoors @musky4576 @whitetailcountryfly @hondapowerequipment @seasonsontheflylodge @gordon.sim @loop_tackle @loopandreas @loopaktiv @simmsfishing @orvisflyfishing @tarponcayelodge @fishpondusa @patagonia_flyfish @chardflyfishing
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No words....
Dams Killed Off All the 100-Pound Salmon in the Pacific Northwest

These giant fish, known as "June hogs," are no more thanks to dam development along the Columbia River.
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Eric Hoffman - Had not heard of this before, sounds like they were related to Kenia River Kings

Crying shame indeed 😪Happened all up and down The West Coast! Sacramento river had an exceptional run of real giants too :-(

Not to mention that they caught and killed them as in the photo, dams are not taking all the blame.


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